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To prevent the development and recurrence of Roth's disease, the patient is recommended to follow the following rules: Roth's disease - symptoms and treatment of paresthetic meralgia. Pathology develops gradually, most often with a unilateral lesion of the body, in which numbness and pain, as symptoms, initially manifest themselves slightly, but after that they are permanent. Where is the root of the problem?

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First of all, doctors distinguish the following: compression of the nerve, which occurs due to anatomical features in the structure of the body - most often, compression occurs when bending, rubbing the legs; another reason may be overweight, fat deposits in the thigh and peritoneum; tumors and hematomas; complications after surgery or an inflammatory process occurring in the abdominal cavity; constant wearing of a tightly tightened belt or tight, synthetic underwear, corsets; sedentary, sedentary and inactive lifestyle and malnutrition of the affected nerve, as well as degenerative changes occurring in the spine.

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In addition, the cause of nerve damage and the development of Bernhardt-Roth disease can also be an injury, as well as professional ailments that are inherent in certain categories of professions. Features of the clinical picture.

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Neuropathy of the external cutaneous nerve of the thigh can develop for several reasons. Roth's disease has its own characteristic symptoms that distinguish it from other diseases. Most often, patients at a doctor's appointment indicate the following symptoms that disturb them, which indicate that the external cutaneous nerve of the thigh is damaged.


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Before prescribing a course of treatment, the patient must undergo a complete examination, since the disease can be mistaken for a bruise or other pathological condition. Diagnosis is carried out using the following methods.

If the preliminary diagnosis is obvious to the doctor, doctors limit themselves to prescribing an x-ray examination of the patient, but if there are certain doubts, an MRI is most often prescribed. Medical course of therapy.


This type of neuralgia is quite rare: the formation of the nerve occurs in several branches that come out of the spinal cord, pass through the canal, and end at the knee. That is why the front surface of the thigh becomes hypersensitive.

Roth's disease is considered a type of Viagra for sale tunnel syndrome that occurs when the cutaneous nerve of the thigh is compressed in the inguinal ligament or in the ilium. In this case, there is no pain, but various unpleasant sensations.


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Also, you should not stay too long in one place and lead a sedentary lifestyle - you need to walk more often, walk more if possible, do some light, but exercises in the morning. If the job involves a sedentary lifestyle, you need to get up every hour and do a warm-up for your legs for 5 minutes.


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Preventive measures by themselves mean a correct and complete diet, enriched with vitamins and macro and microelements necessary for the body.


As a preventive measure, doctors recommend exercise therapy, therapeutic walking and swimming, in a more severe case, it is necessary to dress and wear an unloading corset.

Thus, neuropathy of the external cutaneous nerve of the thigh must be treated - otherwise, the patient may develop a serious disturbance in the nutrition of the dermis and, as a result, the development of a trophic form of ulcers and other pathological changes, which will be extremely difficult to cure.



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In the absence of timely treatment, the pathology can turn into a chronic form of its course and the patient may develop lameness, which develops due to constant pain. In some cases, the pain attacks can be so severe that you have to resort to surgery.

Pain relief is carried out by doctors with the help of a course of anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics, in a more severe and neglected form they are administered as injections. In this case, the doctor injects Lidocaine or Novocain, or performs a pain blockade by administering glucocorticoids. consequences and prevention. Without fail, the disease must be diagnosed in time and the patient must undergo an adequate course of viagra treatment. In the absence of timely treatment, the patient may develop deviations in the nutrition of the skin, the development of trophic ulcers, and a change in gait.

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  • At home, the patient can practice exercises from the course of therapeutic exercises - this is bending the legs at the knee joint, swinging the legs or spreading them to the side. Also an important component of effective treatment is weight control, removal of tumors, timely treatment of pathologies of the hip joint, if the latter were the direct causes of the development of the pathology.

  • For the most part, physiotherapy procedures are aimed at eliminating pain and relieving swelling. The most commonly prescribed methods are: acupuncture and reflexology; radon or hydrogen sulfide therapeutic baths; course of therapeutic massage and mud therapy.

  • Treatment of Bernhardt-Roth disease involves the appointment of medications, therapeutic exercises and physiological procedures. With regard to the drug course of therapy, its main task is to eliminate swelling and inflammation in the area of ​​sildenafil online and infringement of the nerve, and to reduce pain. To do this, prescribe drugs classified as NSAIDs, as well as a course of taking B vitamins.erative intervention.

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